Hospital systems are very complex and many times you would like to avail for support from the core developer / functional team. So, we have two types of enterprise support: – Time/Material (TNM) and Custom Development (CD).

        Time and Material (TNM) + Current Source code

        This approach is good for developers, who understand .NET, MVC Core, Angular. Devs who have compiled the Danphe EMR code but stuck with understanding of the code.

        Time and Material i.e., TNM means you are assigned a developer from the core Danphe Team. He will help you to understand the system, any questions about code/DB /Functional understanding he can explain. Both Email and ZOOM support will be provided.

        Cost of TNM = 500 USD per day. (Minimum 5 days of support needs to be booked)

        What is not in scope of TNM?

        • Any new features which the product does not have.
        • Direct customer support. In TNM the support is provided to the Dev or Support team we do not interact directly with hospitals.

        Custom Development ( CD)  + Source code

        This approach is good for entities who do want to get into technicality but just do business. So if you are from the following: –

        • Supporting installation and go live at Customer end.
        • Custom development of new modules if not present in the open source.
        • Any other custom support.

        In custom development we are not sure what is your requirement. So, we first get in to call, we do a requirement analysis and depending on the customization we derive to a costing.

        For price and other details get in touch with us on live chat or email us at